4 border designs

This first one is a stamp tutorial:


This one with the wooden border is just like the Simple Black border tutorial…but then I put a wood-layer on the top. Super easy and fun.

This Grunge one was my favorite. I found this border online and then put the photo in like the tutorial. I did clean up the spots that should have been on the face and arm…

this template is similar to the Black border…but I added a flower to the border, merged the layers…then added the effects….
I love this photo…She got this umbrella from a friend and carried it around for over a week.


I am SuperMom

I thought about this all weekend…What in the world did I want on my T-shirt??

This is what I came up with…

Here is the link for the Threadless Critique – let’s see what the rest of the world think [cringe]

Update – I went ahead and submitted it for review….so here is the new link!

Advanced Composition

This was WAY too much fun. Although the websites were inspirational – they also seemed really overwhelming to me….But after going through my images and playing around – I came up with this composition.  I really enjoyed this assignment. More than I thought I would. I added the shadow for the small turtle, the reflection on the apple from the turtle, the shadow for the apple…the small apples on the tree. Then blurred the tree and large turtle to seem more distant. The overlay gives it a more whimsical feel.

“I want to be big like dad”


Here are all the before photos. The overlay and the background are not my originals.

My Attempt at a Webpage!

This was an interesting assignment for me. I’ve been trying to come up with a good website design for my photography business – and this was a great way to force me to think out of the box. Never had I thought of using Photoshop to design my website. Although after this week – I’m seriously thinking about taking the DreamWeaver class next semester. I can’t even image the work involved to get the gallery website functional…with all the scrolling etc.

All these photos are mine from sessions last year. Names have been changed to protect the innocent….heee heee. I can’t wait to see what everyone else came up with!!

This is a pano that I took last semester in Art 143. I love the way the photo turned out – but I really like working on this watercolor image!! My signature was SO HARD!! I am left-handed. I do not own a tablet…therefore I tried for a long time to make it look good with my right hand – and FINALLY decided to switch and try it with my left. (But I’m not that good with my left hand and a mouse…) Anyway…I was able to get my initials to look normal. So that’s what’cha get! Fun to learn…but probably not my favorite.

I finally got an idea for this Extra Credit assignment and decided to give it a try. (Ya it’s late…but I still wanted to share)

I got carried away with the eyes…a little too bright. (but it’s been a late night and I don’t feel like going back to fix them). I made her lips darker, added more blush and eye shadow. (I wanted to add more make-up without making her look like a hooker) I removed every blemish…although she hardly has any to start with. She is gorgeous naturally…so I felt like I had to try to find stuff to make the photo more glamorous. This first photo is straight out of the camera…She is a budding actress/model and soon to be a huge success.



Vector Art

After finishing lesson 8 in CIB…I thought “How much fun! This pen tool is awesome!”

Then I started using it on an image to do this Vector Art Project…and I totally changed my mind! I started 3 different images before deciding to go with the Eagle. I tried myself…didn’t even like the way it STARTED off looking…switched to an image of my son…again…not getting it! The Eagle turned out okay. I want to spend more time fine tuning it…but I won’t have time this week. So this is what I get.

I did take some creative license. The Bald Eagle doesn’t actually have white feathers on the top of its head until it’s 4-5 years old. This photo was originally taken in Alaska last summer…This particular Eagle was rescued and couldn’t fly due to a .22 bullet lodged in its wing. I decided it was easier to make the head white rather than try to blend all the different colors of the feathers. I started with the eye and did the inner glow with the iris…I really like how that turned out.

Over all…a great assignment. Will I use this Vector Art technique again?? I don’t think I’d do it willingly…But it’s good to know how. Plus…with a lot more practice – I may just fall in love with the Pen tool.